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choosing a hotel without considering price

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choosing a hotel without considering price

Master Surfing Skills While Staying At A Resort In El Salvador

by Lilja Maijala

If you are going to be spending a weeklong trip in El Salvador at a surf resort to brush up on your surfing skills, the following tips will assist with mastering your craft. Once you gain confidence performing a variety of surfing moves, you may be inclined to spend more time in the water while showing off your abilities to the throng of beach visitors who are walking along the coastline or swimming in the ocean.

Follow Your Guide's Lead And Review Footage 

Make reservations at a resort that offers guided surfing sessions. You will be matched with a guide, based on your surfing abilities. Your guide will likely show you some moves while on the shoreline so that you can mimic each of them once you hit the water. During each session, a recording of your efforts will be made and photographs of some of the session's highlights will be taken.

At the end of each day, head back to your room and list the items that your guide stated you will need to work on and any positive feedback that they provided you with. Review the footage that captured your moves and pay close attention to the areas that need improvement so that you can make alterations during the next guided session.

Practice Moves While Out Of The Water

Even though you are not going to constantly be spending time with a surfing guide, you can still practice moves during the times that you are alone. Place your surfboard on a flat, level surface outdoors and envision that you are in the ocean, heading towards some waves. Begin by lying down on your board and lift yourself upright. Practice balancing as you lean from side to side and move your head at various angles. Repeat all of the steps several times to become more familiarized with the techniques that your guide demonstrated during a session with them. 

Observe Others While Out And About Or Relaxing In Your Room

Bring a pair of binoculars with you when you are planning to walk along the beach. Look towards the ocean through the lenses if you notice that there are people surfing. Think about what your guide taught you and determine if the surfers are completing the same steps that you do while out in the water.

If you see a particularly good surfer who seems to be able to glide over the waves with precision, observe the way that they are holding their body while on the board to conclude if you have been riding the waves in the same manner. While back in your room relaxing, watch surfing movies to further educate yourself about the sport. 

For more tips on learning to surf, check out a company like The Last Resort Mizata El Salvador