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choosing a hotel without considering price

The hotel that you stay at during your travels can make or break your overall experience. If you try to find a hotel that is cheap, you may not have the best possible experience. Unfortunately, the same goes for high-dollar hotels. So, if you cannot base the decision on where to stay on the price, how do you determine what hotel to reserve for your travels? My blog is filled with tips and advice that can help you pick and choose the hotel that will provide you the amenities, comfort and luxuries that you want or need while you are away from home.


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choosing a hotel without considering price

Historic Sites And Exciting Expeditions: What To Do In Ecuador

by Lilja Maijala

If you're looking to take a trip to Ecuador, and want to see historic sites and breathtaking scenery, then here are three suggestions.

Laguna Quilotoa: A Majestic Mountain Top Lake

This lake is located high in the Andes. The lake is actually a caldera located on the volcano Quilotoa. It has become a popular multi-day hiking destination. Buses transport tourists up to the top of the volcano and then there are guided tours around the lake. Hikers can stay at a hostel located in the small village that sits atop the mountain. It should be noted that the area is very high and hikers should be prepared to acclimatize before heading up the mountain. Do not head straight for Quilotoa once you get off the airplane in Ecuador. You should spend some time in a town or city, such as the capital Quito, before heading up. Quito is a beautiful city, and also the highest capital city in the world. It will help you get adjusted before heading up into the Andes.

Cotopaxi: An Active Volcano You Can Bike Down And Climb Up

If you're not interested in a long hike, and prefer a faster and more exciting excursion, then you'll love Cotopaxi. It's also a volcano located in the Andes, like Quilotoa, except this one caters to extreme sport enthusiasts. You can take a bus to the summit and then ride down on a mountain bike.

You can also find climbing guides that will help you scale some of the more beautiful sections of the mountains. The law requires that anyone who is planning on climbing the mountain above a certain altitude use these guides. The guides will show you the best routes, provide the proper equipment, and instruct you on safe climbing techniques (belaying, for instance.)

Cunexa: A Possible El Dorado

If you're looking to see some examples of Ecuador's beautiful architecture, then travel to Cuenca. This historic town is listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Cuenca had a interesting history as a per-Colombian settlement of great importance. It was populated by an indigenous people called the Cañari. The Cañari lost control of the city to the Incas. Once the Incas gained control, their leader decided to construct large, ornate gold palaces. This story later spread to the Spanish explorers who arrived in South America. Some people believe that Cuenca is the basis for the mythical El Dorado. The city is filled with beautiful architecture including old cathedrals and monasteries.

If you're interested in seeing some of these sites and more, consider checking out Ecuador real estate listings or other travel opportunities.