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choosing a hotel without considering price

The hotel that you stay at during your travels can make or break your overall experience. If you try to find a hotel that is cheap, you may not have the best possible experience. Unfortunately, the same goes for high-dollar hotels. So, if you cannot base the decision on where to stay on the price, how do you determine what hotel to reserve for your travels? My blog is filled with tips and advice that can help you pick and choose the hotel that will provide you the amenities, comfort and luxuries that you want or need while you are away from home.


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choosing a hotel without considering price

4 Tips For Staying In A Hotel

by Lilja Maijala

Booking a hotel stay is really exciting, especially if you are vacationing with your family or friends. However, don't let the excitement allow you to forget some of your responsibilities. Staying in a hotel requires you to still be on your toes, especially if you want to be sure that you are not overspending or losing any of your valuable items that you have packed along with you. Here are four tips for staying in a hotel that you want to remember:

  1. Be Aware of Security: Honestly, you never know who has a key to your room. Although hotels gather the keys and change them often to every room, you still want to be sure that you are staying safe. This means using the deadbolt, especially at night while you are sleeping. You may even consider leaving the TV on during the day when you are out to prevent theft. Also, be sure that you are using the hotel room's safe, which is typically located in the closet, to store your valuable items. All these security features in your hotel room are there for a reason, so it is important that you take advantage of them. 
  2. Be Aware of Hygiene: There are so many people who have stayed in the hotel room before you. Consider packing hand sanitizer and even wipes that can help you to remove of some of the bacteria. Also, be sure that you don't avoid maid service. Their services are worth the extra time that you will have to wait until you can get back into your room again.
  3. Be Aware of Bill Charges: Always be sure that you go over the charges on your bill after your stay. You want to be sure that you are paying for exactly what you used. Check the Wi-Fi charges, the phone bill charges, and more. Also, be sure that you double check if you were charged for anything on the food bar inside of your room. If you know that you didn't eat anything or drink anything that was stocked up in the room, then let the hotel manager know who will take these charges off for you.
  4. Be Aware While Packing: After you have packed all of your things, be sure that you do a final check. Double check the safe, under the bed, under the bathroom cabinets, inside the dresser drawers, and more. Doing this last minute double-checking ensures that you don't leave anything, especially anything of value, behind. Sometimes these things go unnoticed by the cleaning service and they can then be taken by the next people who stay in that room. 

By keeping these responsibilities in mind while staying in a hotel like The Breakers Hotel, you can be sure that you keep money in your pocket and don't lose anything that you have worked hard to earn.