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choosing a hotel without considering price

The hotel that you stay at during your travels can make or break your overall experience. If you try to find a hotel that is cheap, you may not have the best possible experience. Unfortunately, the same goes for high-dollar hotels. So, if you cannot base the decision on where to stay on the price, how do you determine what hotel to reserve for your travels? My blog is filled with tips and advice that can help you pick and choose the hotel that will provide you the amenities, comfort and luxuries that you want or need while you are away from home.


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choosing a hotel without considering price

Four Ways To Make A Hotel Room Feel More Like Home During Long-Term Travel

by Lilja Maijala

When you're on the road for weeks, months, or years at a time, you can really start to miss home. One way to help ease your homesickness is to start making the hotel rooms you stay in feel more home-like. Here are four easy ways to accomplish just that:

Give the room the scent of your home.

Do you have a certain air freshener, carpet freshener, or candle scent you use at home?  Use this same scent in your hotel rooms. Spray it (or sprinkle it) as soon as you arrive in a new room to instantly give it the scent of home. Research shows that scents can be a powerful trigger for memories, so it's likely that using the same scent in your hotel room as you use at home will help your mind remember the stable, comfortable feelings you experience at home.

Put your clothing in the drawers.

It can be tempting to just leave everything in your suitcase, especially if you're only staying in a particular hotel room for a few days. However, taking the time to unpack them and put them in drawers will make your room feel more homey. When you get up and pull clothes out of a drawer rather than from a suitcase in the morning, you'll feel less like you're traveling and won't trigger the same homesick feelings.

Set up some pictures of loved ones and pets back home.

Print a few pictures of your loved ones or pets that you have at home, and put them in cheap frames. Whenever you arrive at a new hotel, set the pictures up on the dresser. They'll make your space feel cozier, more welcoming, and more like your own.

Set up the coffee and tea station.

If you're a lover of coffee and making coffee in the morning is part of your routine back home, then do the same thing in your hotel room -- even if pre-brewed coffee is available in the lobby. If a coffee pot comes in the hotel room (as they often do) get it out the night before bed, so you can switch it on first thing in the morning. There are few things more homey than the smell of brewing coffee in the morning!

In addition to following the tips above, try to adhere to the same general rituals in each hotel room you stay in. Get ready for bed in the same manner each night, adopt habits like making coffee and reading in the morning, and put clothes in drawers in the same order. Routines like this add stability to your life and will help you feel less scattered and homesick. To find out more about hotels, contact a company like Mt. Laurel La Quinta Inn.