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choosing a hotel without considering price

The hotel that you stay at during your travels can make or break your overall experience. If you try to find a hotel that is cheap, you may not have the best possible experience. Unfortunately, the same goes for high-dollar hotels. So, if you cannot base the decision on where to stay on the price, how do you determine what hotel to reserve for your travels? My blog is filled with tips and advice that can help you pick and choose the hotel that will provide you the amenities, comfort and luxuries that you want or need while you are away from home.


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choosing a hotel without considering price

Assisted Living: Important Questions To Ask

by Lilja Maijala

If you have a loved one who needs care 24 hours a day, assisted living can be an option for them. These facilities provide meals, shelter, activities, and most importantly an on-hand medical staff to help those who need it. But before you decide to sign a contract with an assisted living facility, there are several important questions you should ask to be certain it is the right place for your loved one's needs. 

What is the Actual Cost?

Since assisted living is not particularly cheap, it's important to be sure the price you are quoted is the true cost you will pay. In other words, is the base fee simply allowing the person to stay there, with extra fees added for things like meal delivery or transportation and bathing assistance? Sometimes, services rendered will be added as a line item outside of the main cost, so it's important that you get all of the information you need up front and always read the fine print. 

Is it For Profit or Non-Profit?

Facilities that operate under a non-profit structure may seem like they'd be more honest with costs, but they might also not have as much funding to provide quality care. There are good and not so good options for both for profit and non-profit assisted living facilities, but it's important that you find out what their budget is, and where their money goes. This can make a significant difference in the quality of care your loved one may receive.

Are You Allowed to Visit?

A high quality assisted living home will allow you to do a thorough visit before you make a decision. They should offer you a tour of the building and let you meet some of the staff members. Be sure you ask as many questions as you can while you're there. An honest, caring facility would want family members to be involved in their loved one's care and should be more than happy to allow a survey of the facility before you decide if it's a good fit.

What Needs do You Have?

Just because the assisted facility has beautiful property and nice rooms does not always mean it will be somewhere that will fulfill the needs of your loved one. Some people require more intense medical supervision than others, and some may just need a place to stay where they can be monitored. Make a thorough list of your individual needs, and then be sure the place you choose can meet them all.